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Sport Pilot Training

Haven't you been dreaming long enough?

For most, learning to fly is more than an item on a to-do list. It is a life-long passion. Those who have been smitten with the bug could easily spend hours at the end of a runway, peering through the fence which locks us out, trying to get a glimpse of the wheels as they meet the runway with that familiar "chirp" and puff of smoke. Perhaps on a lazy afternoon you gaze up at the sky as the familiar drone of an engine turning a prop catches your attention, and just for a minute you can picture what it must be like to look down from the top of the world.

Isn’t it time to stop dreaming? The Sport Pilot rating makes flying easier and less expensive than ever before. As a Sport Pilot you will have the world at your fingertips. Distances shrink, perspectives change, and cares fade away. Learning to fly will transform your life. At US Sport Planes it is our job to turn dreams into reality. Stop by today and find out what we can do for you!

Everyone’s situation is a little bit different. Some need to spread their training out over the course of several months to accommodate a busy work schedule and family life. Others prefer to jump in with both feet and turn on the fire hose. Regardless of your situation, US Sport Planes will accommodate your needs to make the process just as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Our accelerated course lasts 12 - 14 days, with the check ride on the 15th (weather permitting).

Minimum Tuition: $4,984*
Prerequisites: Drivers license, Prepared for FAA Written Exam
Recommended - written test passed
Flight Training: 30 Hours
Dual (w/ Instructor) 20 Hours
Solo 10 Hours
Ground Training 30 Hours
Pre/Post Flight 10 hours
Ground School 20 Hours

Ground Training - to include the following:

Fundamentals of flight
Analyzing maneuvers
Emergency operations
Flight Operations
Aviation weather
Performance & navigation
Integrating pilot knowledge & skills
Federal aviation regulations

Training books, supplies & check rides not included
*Tuition is based on hours listed above, actual cost may vary depending on hours required to obtain rating.